Physician Created | Parent Approved

BBy is a revolutionary social app that connects nursing mothers and new parents to buy and sell natural mother's breast milk in a safe and secure manner
Nurture The Future

Ideal Solution For Feeding a Baby

Studies have shown that babies who are nursed on natural breast milk are more likely to develop higher IQs, have fewer chances of childhood diseases, and tend to stay within the standard ranges of developmental height and weight

Our Solution

If you are one of the millions of parents who cannot provide reliable access to breast milk, or produce too much breast milk and would like to help out parents in need, BBy offers a cost-effective way to connect local parents. With flat rate pricing and physician approved sellers, BBy offers reliable breast milk at a rate that is affordable for buyers and profitable for sellers.

BBy: Physician Created | Parent Approved.


All Families Welcome!

At BBy, we recognize that while biologically breast milk only is produced by “XX” females, ALL parents regardless of gender or sexual identification and orientation deserve to be able to feed their children with natural milk that will ensure their baby’s ideal development. Therefore we match sellers and buyers based on location and infant age; and nothing else.


BBy takes the guess work out of obtaining the milk your child needs. Sellers are first vetted for all diseases and drugs transmittable through breast milk before they are entered into our database. Your child’s milk arrives safe and disease free.

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