BBy Revolutionizes the Way Parents Buy and Sell Breast Milk for Their Infants

Welcome to BBy, the only physician created peer to peer breast milk marketplace. In a world where parents can order a ride to the store and pizza to their door, why shouldn’t they also be able to nurture their children effortlessly as well?

BBy was born out of necessity, the idea that no child should be without healthy, all natural breast milk during their infancy. Dr. Langer noticed a dichotomy in the availability of breast milk around the city. There were mothers who produced so much milk that they would pour the excess out at the end of the day and there were couples who were struggling with even a couple ounces. Medical advancements have created infant formulas that are acceptable replacements for breast milk, however studies show that babies that are breast fed are more likely to develop with less complications, have fewer childhood illnesses, and even have 10-15 more IQ points compared to babies fed exclusively on formula. But where are parents to obtain quality, affordable and most of all SAFE milk? And what about mothers who produce the excess? Enter BBy, the best way to connect nursing mothers and parents of all social demographics to give the next generation of humans the milk they need to grow up strong and healthy. We are a non-discriminatory company that welcomes nursing mothers and parents of all ethnicities, sexual orientation, and gender identification focused solely on providing the nutrition our developing youth need at an affordable price that is also profitable for our nursing mothers.

Why is BBy different? We recognize your baby is the single most important person in your life and as such every single ounce of milk sold through the BBy platform is from a seller that has been thoroughly screened by a health care practitioner to ensure that no milk contains any transmittable diseases. Paperwork is submitted to our secure HIPAA compliant server by the hospital or healthcare provider and NOT the seller. Only after the results are confirmed by independent analysis is the seller allowed to sell milk. There is no guesswork, if the seller is approved the seller’s milk is just as safe as your own! BBy is milk sharing for the 21st century!

Download the BBy app today and nurture the future!