How It Works

Buying and selling breast milk with BBy is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Nursing Mother

New Parents


Take our screening form with you to your healthcare provider (usually your pediatrician, primary care physician or gynecologist).

Once the form is completed they will fax it to our secure HIPAA compliant fax server.


Fill out the buyer form which includes your name, local address, baby’s age and weekly ounce requirements.


The form will be analyzed by BBy staff to ensure its completeness and validity. Once it is approved you will be admitted into the program and your profile will begin to be matched with potential buyers.


All you have to do is tell us how many ounces a week excess you produce and the age of your child! Buyers prepay for the milk to our secure account and when you are matched with a buyer you will meet at a local hospital or clinic and exchange the milk.


When a suitable match is found you prepay for the milk to our secure server and coordinate a time to meet with the seller at a local hospital or clinic.


After the exchange is complete the money will then be added to your account!


Once the exchange is completed the funds will be deposited to the seller, if there is any issues contact BBy Team and we will try and resolve them and if need be refund you your money. Your purchase is 100% Guaranteed!

It’s that Simple!