Why is BBy different?

According to the National Institute of Health, 50% of new parents do not breast feed their infant. Of that the number 1 reason parents cite for choosing formula over natural breast milk is lack of milk production or the inability to produce. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! Studies have shown that breast milk is the best source of nutrition for the proper development of a child. Milk fed infants are much more likely to hit developmental milestones, have fewer childhood diseases and potentially have 10 to 15 more IQ points as adults. While biological mothers are the only individuals able to produce milk, the landscape of the nuclear family is rapidly changing. BBy is 100% NON DISCRIMINATORY, welcoming all family dynamics including single parents, heterosexual, homosexual, and transsexual parents of all races and ethnicities.

Breast milk is essential for infants, however being a bodily fluid there are natural concerns about the safety of buying another mother’s milk. BBY alleviates all of those concerns by thoroughly testing all sellers for transmittable diseases before they’re allowed to sell. Sales are 100% guaranteed, and there is zero risk of scam. But what makes BBy truly great is that BBy combines the safety and security of a brick and mortar milk bank with the affordability of less reputable online sites. All milk sold through BBy is sold at a competitive market rate (usually $1.25 to $2.00 an ounce) of which 80% is given directly back to the mother. BBy works two fold, not only do new parents who do not have access to or do not produce enough milk now have the ability to properly nurture their baby, and families who produce an excess of milk can earn a second income for their child’s financial needs instead of simply pouring it down the drain!

Milk banks are highly selective, most do not sell to men and tend to focus on premature infants. Not to mention they sell their milk at a staggering average of $4 an ounce! What’s more, most banks do not pay for milk but rather only accept donations.

Online marketplaces are the Craigslist of milk sales. Unregulated, no screening requirements, and no guarantees. Prices can vary, sellers can scam buyers, and milk can spoil in the mail. It’s very stressful and no way to try and feed your baby.

BBy offers the best of both worlds, safe, tested milk at affordable prices without the hassle of shipping or worries of spoilage.