Why BBy Milk?

Studies have shown that babies who are nursed on natural breast milk are more likely to develop higher IQs, have fewer chances of childhood diseases, and tend to stay within the standard ranges of developmental height and weight

How does BBy work?

1 Tested

We thoroughly test our selling mothers and pasteurize our milk en bulk to ensure that only the highest quality breast milk is delivered right to your door for your little one. We test for all transmittable diseases, Including COVID-19, as well as recreational drugs and offer flat rate subscriptions to take the guess work out of nurturing your child with natural breast milk.

2 For All Families

At BBy, we recognize that while biologically breast milk only is produced by “XX” females, ALL parents regardless of gender or sexual identification and orientation deserve to be able to feed their children with natural milk that will ensure their baby’s ideal development. Therefore we guarantee all families welcome.

3 Hassle Free

Milk arrives biweekly on a subscription model, all the nutrition your little one needs without any of the stress of wondering when it’ll come. Take the guesswork out of nurturing your child, download the BBy App today!

Nurture the Future!