COVID-19 Update: BBy has increased our testing standards to include COVID-19 and our pasteurization standards enable denaturing and removal of COVID-19 from our milk

What if We Could Change the Way Hospitals Stored Breast Milk and Change the Way we Think About Infant Nutrition?

For 70 years, hospitals have stored their milk the exact same way: in a freezer. What if milk needn’t be frozen? Our team has created a method to shelf stabilize and condense human milk, without losing its nutrition or immunological properties. Eliminating the need for huge freezers and allowing nurses to administer milk quickly and effectively.

Revolutionizing the NICU, 1 Ounce at a Time

1 Condensed

Our revolutionary condenser removes unbound water from the milk, creating a condensed product that is easy to store at room temperature and reconstituted with water. Condensed milk is 1:1 the same as uncondensed milk when reconstituted, no quality loss.

2 Batched, Sorted and Stored

The NICU receives batched and sorted milk that is stored logically so nurses and aides can easily administer milk to the correct infants. No more near misses, no more confusion.

3 Positive Outcomes, Massive Savings

Condensed milk does not need to be defrosted, meaning there is less time a health care provider needs to spend preparing the milk for administration. Shelf stabile milk does not need to be frozen. Less electricity use, less time, INCREDIBLE clawback of nursing time, MORE PATIENT CARE. 

Nurture the Future!