About Us

At BBy, we believe that no child should be without natural mother's milk


Studies have shown that babies who are nursed on natural breast milk are more likely to develop higher IQs, have fewer chances of childhood diseases, and tend to stay within the standard ranges of developmental height and weight.

From mothers who simply weren’t producing enough to LGBTQ couples who couldn’t produce at all; parents were concerned that they were not giving their baby the nutrition needed to help them develop to their full potential.

In Chicago, Dr. Langer noticed that the supply and availability of breast milk was one of the top concerns of new mothers and couples. Mothers who simply weren’t producing enough, LGBTQ couples who could not produce, all were concerned that they were not giving their baby the nutrition needed to help them develop to their highest potential. Conversely, Dr. Langer saw that there was a population of mothers who produced so much milk that at the end of the day they were simply throwing the excess away! BBy was created with one goal in mind: help families get the access to natural breast milk in a safe and affordable manner. BBy recognizes that while your babies future and development is of the utmost importance to you, your finances are not unlimited.

Therefore, unlike milk banks that charge upwards of $8 an ounce BBy sells natural mother’s milk on a monthly subscription that is not only affordable, but also arrives right to your door, the entire nutrition your child needs: only $300 a week. While other ad-hoc sites exist, BBy is the only physician approved solution that ensures that all sellers are pre-screened by their family physician to be free of diseases capable of being transmitted through breast milk such as HIV, Hepatitis, TORChES and more. What’s more, our milk is pasteurized en bulk, allowing us to create stronger milk by mixing multiple sources of breast milk. Since the immune spectrum of milk is additive, BBy Breast Milk had 90-95% of the given spectrum compared to any individual mother’s 70-80%. Stronger immune systems for healthier infants.

Since then BBy has gone on to expand to the 48 contiguous United States and our team works diligently every day to ensure that no infant is without breast milk and that preventable infant mortalities are a thing of the past.