Breast Milk Condensing Solutions to Increase Patient Care 

We’re the pioneers in large scale “Breast milk Formula” condensing milk down to a fine powder that is still biologically active and contains all the immune system and developmental benefits an infant needs. Saving hospitals thousands in electricity, spillage and most importantly time in the Neonatal ICU. In the NICU, time is everything; it’s the only thing you can’t get back. So here at BBy we create the solutions that give hospitals and health care workers back the one thing they so desperately need: time. More nursing time, more patient care, less waiting around all of which lead to better outcomes for those who matter the most, the infants.

Our first device, codenamed Krrish, is the first wet condensing device for breast milk that completely spares the biome, and is still biologically and immunologically active. Our work is all published and peer reviewed and on the cutting edge of science. Our mission is simple, give hospitals back the time needed to take better care of patients. No more time wasting, no more spillage and better environmental impact.

Nurture The Future,

Vansh Langer, MD